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Owners Jim Foght, Julie Foght and the coaching staff are here to help you...

Our outstanding staff:

Marah Barela
Team coach


Erin Belsher
 Preschool, Rec, & Advance class coach


Alix Bolton
Preschool instructor, Birthday parties

Paige Raglin, Meredith Carriker, Taryn Stinson, Anna Jones

Dominique Foght
Preschool coach


Alison Garlick
Preschool instructor

Ben Guzman
Boys Rec & Advance class coach

Ricky Guzman
Rec & Team coach, Private lessons, Strength & Conditioning                                                       

Jude Hays
Rec & Advanbce class, Team, Cheer/Tumbling

Nicole Kash
Preschool coach

Stephanie Louvier
Rec, advance class, & Team coach, Acrobus

Nicole Milliet
Rec, Cheer/Tumble

Kayln Mitchell
Preschool coach


Jon MacKay
Rec, Advance class, & Team coach

Lexa Newsted-Martinez
Preschool instructor & Rec coach, Advance class & team coach

Cagnie Palmer
Facebook tech

 Brenda Stewart
Rec & Adv Class coach, Team coach, Cheer/Tumble, Private lessons, B-day parties

Cody Stewart
Rec class coach

Maddie Street
Team coach

Nathan Threlkeld
Rec & Preschool coach

Tamel Tumlinson
Team coach

Christine Voneiff
Preschool & Advance class coach

Alicia Whiteacre
Rec, Preschool & Team Coach

Jessica Wright
Preschool, Rec & Acrobus

Alissa Zachary
Rec class, cheer/tumble, private lessons




Congratulations to Allison Campbell who recently graduated from Texas A&M.  She has been coaching at Brazos Valley for the past 6 years.  Allison will be moving on to a new career.  Cagnie Palmer and Courtney Harris have moved and will be starting new chapters in their lives as well.  We wish all of our former staff members good luck, God bless, and have a good life.  You will be greatly missed.  

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